Providing directional drilling services to the upstream Oil & Gas sector, with the newest equipment, the latest software, and a well-trained and capable workforce.

Blue Line Energy delivers solutions to solve the technical drilling challenges and cost barriers that operators face in the oil & gas industry. Blue Line Energy offers products and services needed for the advanced drilling of deviated oil and gas wells, in the exploration, development and production phases. We have partnerships with registered local service providers in the Middle East for ease of deployment of our directional drilling tools & technology.


Directional drilling is a technique used by oil and gas companies in order to access the hydrocarbons in underground reserves. Most oil wells are positioned above the targeted reservoir, so accessing them involves drilling vertically from the surface through to the well below. However, directional drilling is different because it involves drilling at a non-vertical angle, including horizontally. Benefits of directional drilling can include the exploitation of multiple oil reservoirs with a single slanted well; improving the flow rates of hydrocarbons from the reservoir in horizontal wells; and limiting the environmental impact by drilling multiple wells from a single surface location, thereby minimising the surface footprint to a single rig site.


Rotary steerable system is an advanced directional drilling technology that is designed to drill directionally with continuous rotation from the surface, eliminating the need to conventional drilling techniques of slide and rotate combination. Rotary steerable systems typically are deployed when drilling directional, horizontal, or extended-reach wells. State-of-the-art rotary steerable systems have minimal interaction with the borehole, thereby preserving borehole quality and better hydraulic performance while reducing well bore tortuosity. The most advanced systems exert consistent side force similar to traditional stabilizers that rotate with the drill string and direct the well path to desired direction.


The VectorZIEL 600 (RSS) is an automatic steering tool for three-dimensional drilling. Offering a higher rate of penetration, improved cuttings removal, and precise trajectory control, the system helps you produce higher-quality boreholes at reduced operational costs. Our rotary steerable system (RSS) tools are a proven design, developed by Smart Drilling, now an NOV company, and this basic design has been in use for over 30 years to drill complex 3D well profiles.

The RSS design has been used globally to drill  greater than 70,000 m of hole sections in  greater than 50 wells. With near-bit measurement of inclination, azimuth and GR, our tools have the closest-to-bit measurements currently on the market. Our basic integrated EM Propagation resistivity tool allows our client to optimise borehole quality, conduct formation evaluation while drilling, and proactively place the well into the most challenging reservoir layers with faster rates of penetration and enhanced reservoir deliverability.

Currently, our service offering comprises 3 sets of VectorZIEL600 tools, suitable for directional drilling & LWD GR-Resistivity measurements in 8 ½” hole.


      • Integrated MWD system, provide stationary and continues near-to-bit inclination, azimuth, and GR measurements just 3ft from the bit
      • Integrated pulser – RSS + MWD in a tool <30ft in length
      • Closed hydraulic system – no pressure drop at the bit
      • Closed loop control allows fully automated well trajectory corrections with minimal downlinking and surface monitoring/calculations required
      • Non-rotating housing reduces tool wear in abrasive formations
      • Stick-slip tolerance – control system not subject to RPM fluctuations
      • More steering vectors – better and tighter directional control
      • Simple, reliable downlinks, via downlink skid
      • Motor assist compatible up to 250 rpm
      • Dogleg rate up 8 deg/ 100 f

View : VectorZIEL600 Data Sheet


Our R & M workshop facilities is located in Hamariyah Free Zone – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The smart location of Hamriyah Free Zone has provided convenient access to Hamriyah Port Zone which allows easy shipping and mobilization out and between the emirates.  Our Complete Rotatory Steerable R & M workshop setup provides all the necessary inspection, functional checks and all complete maintenance services protocols up to level – 3 &4 maintenance in UAE, without the need to send the tool abroad. The Hamariyah workshop is equipped with all necessary facilities and the equipment as per tool maintenance and services protocol in addition to the all the handling tool


Blue Line Energy offers project management services for conversion of oil tankers to FPSO/ FSO managing each project professionally and exceeding the expectations of Asset owners. We take a very proactive approach to project management. In order to do so, conversion teams comprise of marine engineers, naval architects, Construction Engineer, superintendents and senior ship officers with extensive experience on all types of vessels are engaged at reputable shipyards worldwide. We provide engineering services related to marine vessels, ships, and offshore units. a team of highly experienced naval architects, engineers and designers who partner with customers to design hull and Outfitting applications for offshore service vessels, floating production systems, accommodations, and mobile offshore drilling units.


Blue Line Energy, extensively trade Oil and Petroleum products globally, amply supported by the established networks and storage facilities in strategic locations.We supplies customers worldwide. We work with some of the largest refiners, distributers, marketers, and state-owned oil companies, to supply markets worldwide and swiftly anticipate and respond to highly volatile market demands.
Our extensive knowledge base and state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us handle timely deliveries and on spec products, across increasingly complex supply chains. At Blue Line Energy, we actively and extensively source, store and supply oil and petroleum products such as Gasoil, Gasoline, Naphtha, Fuel Oil etc., to meet the demands of our customers