An Operations, Project Management & Energy Trading Company in the Oil & Gas Industry

Blue Line Energy is an Operations, Project Management & Energy Trading Company founded in the UAE, registered in Sharjah, and operating in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our technologically advanced directional drilling service, using VectorZIEL600 tools with LWD GR-Resistivity measurements and manufactured by NOV/Smart Drilling, is available for deployment in 8 ½” borehole in onshore and offshore settings.

Blue Line Energy delivers solutions to solve the technical drilling challenges and cost barriers that operators face in the oil & gas industry. Blue Line Energy offers products and services needed for the advanced drilling of deviated oil and gas wells, in the exploration, development and production phases. We have partnerships with registered local service providers in the Middle East for ease of deployment of our directional drilling tools & technology.

Our Complete Rotatory Steerable R & M workshop facilities is located in Hamariyah Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The smart location of Hamriyah Free Zone has provided convenient access to Hamriyah Port Zone which allows easy shipping and mobilization out and between the emirates.

At Blue Line Energy, we offer expertized and professional consultancy services for project development and project management throughout all phases of a project and Asset life cycle in both Offshore and Onshore. Blue Line Energy offers project management services for conversion of oil tankers to FPSO/ FSO managing each project professionally and exceeding the expectations of Asset owners.

Energy Trading is one of the core business segment of Blue Line Energy. We source petroleum and refined oil products from different countries, with strategically located infrastructure and storage facilities, and work with business partners and customers to meet the supply demands.